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Head Coach: Patrick Wenzel

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CURRENT GROUP LIST as of  04/12/17
Lost and Found
Lost and Found


Please send email to ANSC if you want to report anything lost (or found).

Current Announcements

Having a little bit of #FOMO? Stay in the know and check out our team's Facebook Page

This Facebook group page is exclusively for the ANSC swimmers, coaches, and parents.  It's a fun and quick way to be updated on our activities. Because of its Facebook privacy settings, you will need to request to join the group.

This will be a great way to help keep our members, families and alumni informed of what's going on with ANSC. It also provides a private area where we can post pictures and videos of our swimmers; as well as add links to related articles that may help our swimmers and families.

Treats (Allergy Awareness)

We thank everyone who brings in treats to celebrate their birthdays. However, for future celebrations, please refrain from bringing anything that contains peanuts (especially peanut butter) as we have at least one swimmer with a peanut allergy.


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